Sanilac County, Michigan

Courthouse, 60 W Sanilac Ave, Sandusky, MI 48471

School Code Reference
76060 Brown City
76070 Carsonville-Port Sanilac
79030 Cass City
76080 Croswell-Lexington
76090 Deckerville
32060 Harbor Beach
76140 Marlette
76180 Peck
76210 Sandusky
32170 Ubly
74130 Yale
Property Class Reference
090 Reference Only
097 Retired Parcel
098 To Be Split
099 Tax Exempt
101 Real-Agricultural
151 Personal Agricultural
201 Real-Commercial
251 Personal-Commercial
301 Real-Industrial
351 Personal-Industrial
401 Real-Residential
451 Personal-Residential
501 Real-Timber Cutover
551 Personal-Utility
601 Real-Developmental

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Sanilac County, Michigan
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